Friday, April 27, 2007

Felger Has It Right

The Boston Herald's Michael Felger (who we don't always agree with) has done the best job summing up the Patriots strategy this weekend. By doing a thorough historical review of past draft activity, Felger makes it clear the the patient approach taken by Coach B and Piloli has worked out very well for this franchise.

They have traded down, they have stayed put and they have even traded out of drafts—living to make better choices another day. Despite the temptation to trade one or both of their first-round picks (24 and 28), here's hoping they stick to their tried and true tactics.

By most accounts this is a draft class that is somewhat thin at the very top and quite deep through the rest of the field in areas the Pats have needs. So, resist the urge to make a splash and look instead for the ripple that may turn into a wave.

OUR PREDICTIONS: 2 Linebackers

24. Paul Posluszny, OLB, Penn State
28. David Harris, ILB, Michigan

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Binky said...

Juuust a bit off (along with everyone else), which proves once again that the "science" of picking drafts is more like alchemy than chemistry. The second I heard that we picked Brandon Merriweather, I thought "oh, another thug from the U." But I trust Bill, Pioli, Seymour, Harrison, et al will read this rookie the riot act when he hits the Razor for the day after photo opp. As for day 2, we will find ourselves a couple of LBs (Zak DeOssie would be nice), as well as that "best athlete left on the board".