Sunday, April 29, 2007

Coach B. Enters "Moss" Pit

We knew he was smart. Hell, he went to Phillips Andover. But, how many of us expected Coach B. to anticipate the fact that the Raiders could not afford the #1 pick and Randy Moss? We should have. We now have Randy Moss.

As galling as the thought of Moss in Patriot colors is, I have to admit it is intriguing. With the other WR acquisitions made in the off-season, the Pats go from one of the worst wide receive corps in the NFL to the best. Small wonder that Tom Brady is giddier than if he was dating another supermodel.

Frankly, this move is going to take a while to get used to. Moss is a cretin of the first order. No two ways about it. This move will really test the faith of the Nation in the "Word According To Belichik." But, I have a feeling I may be adding a fourth Lombardi to the FoxboroNation masthead in February 2008.

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Binky said...

Scary, huh. We are now on the precipice of what will be a bonanza of foaming at the mouth with blogging, podcasting, talking heads on the tube, and sports talk radio (D & C will be a pip tomorrow). Everybody (including yours truly) will be talking about this until the two-a-days commence. By the way, who did the Sox play this weekend.....