Sunday, August 27, 2006

Elementary, My Dear Watson

"Deion who?" The New England Patriots could not have asked this question more emphatically had they emblazoned it on their helmets (which, by the way, would STILL be better than "Flying Elvis") in their 40-0 win in Game 3 of the "exhibition" season.

In a frighteningly precise dismantling of the Washington (originally, Boston) Redskins, the 3-time Super Bowl Champions showed how diverse their offensive juggernaut can be in 2006-7. On this night, it was the "air strike" mode, with Brady firing 17-30 for 231 yards. The most prolific target of the two-time Super Bowl MVP was the amazing Benjamin Watson, who netted 97 yards and a TD on 8 receptions. Watson has the potential, in our view, to be the next world-class tight end in the NFL--if he isn't already. He can do it short, long, medium range, any way you need it.

Continuing on the diversity theme, rookie running back Laurence Moroney didn't carry the ball much (given the emphasis on the air game), but when he did, it was again impressive. We continue to believe that this team will show more offensive balance than at any time in the recent past. What do you look for as a defense? Even without Branch, the options are almost limitless. Of course, add Branch back, and you have to feel that this team is well-positioned to be right back at the big dance.

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Patriotsuck said...

The Patriots won't even get past the first round of the playoffs, if they even make it that far. The suck and you know it.