Saturday, September 02, 2006

Giant Yawner

I hate to dampen the euphoria in the Greater New Jersey area, but, uh..we left Brady home. So, the 31-23 "victory" by the New York Football Giants, in fact, rings rather hollow.

What this game did from a Patriots perspective was solidify the confidence in Stephen Gostkowski (3 field goals, one of 54 yards) as a reliable kicker with "plus distance". Basically, this was a tune-up scrimmage with the respective "first teams" playing one series. And, in that series, the Brady-less offense was still impressive, with Matt Cassel leading a 67-year rumble for a score. Ho-hum.

This game will likely be remembered for two things: Coach B showing his rollicking sense of humor by playing Troy Brown at quarterback and...I take it back, that's the only thing. Memo to the residents of the EXIT 37 area: This one doesn't count.

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