Tuesday, August 08, 2006

PUP Tent-Ative Good News On Rodney

It's always dangerous to put too much emphasis on the health of one player when assessing the fortunes of a professional football team. There are just too many moving and interchangeable parts that have to mesh perfectly to produce a winner. God knows, we've all learned this lesson from Coach B in the wake of 3 Super Bowl Championships.

But, I don't care. Toss it all to the wind. It says here that a healthy Rodney Harrison is disproportionately more important to the attainment of another ring than almost any other person in the Greater Foxboro area. Here's why: Harrison brings an intensity, leadership and confidence that was sorely lacking on last year's defense. Perhaps as importantly, his style of play allows for the more proper use of other key defensive components. Basically, he allows for the right people to play in the right spots. He makes the whole squad better by his presence.

Even if I couldn't marshall these reasons, I still say Harrison is important. You know it. You can feel it. You can see it in the buzz at Training Camp. Rodney is back. By the way, where is the Super Bowl this year?

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