Monday, May 01, 2006

Bill And Scott's Offensive Adventure

Boring and predictable, huh? Not bloody likely! Coach Bill and his loyal minion, Scott Pioli, probably caused many a beer-laden spit-take over the weekend as their top 3 picks in the 2006 draft were a running back, a wide receiver and a tight end.

With seemingly gaping holes in their defensive structure, the selections of Minnsesota Running Back Laurence Maroney; Florida Wide Receiver Chad Jackson; and Texas Tight End David Thomas were somewhat surprising. Until you think for a moment. Maroney seems to be a powerful, quick, lateral runner who can also catch balls out of the backfield--perfect for the Pats offensive scheme. Plus, in case Corey Dillon is on the backside of his great career, Maroney can likely step in without a beat.

And, wasn't it just a few weeks ago that Pats fans were up in arms over the departure of David Givens? Chad Jackson is an excellent start on the road to filling that hole. And, the Pats absolutely need 3 tight ends to be effective. So, given the uncertainties at that spot, Thomas is also a smart pick. Add all of this to the fact that defensive needs were addressed in later rounds, and I'd say this actually could end up being Bill & Scott's Excellent Adventure.

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