Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ahead Of The Curve?

In all the hand-wringing that went on after the Pats' "offense-heavy" draft, it might be instructive to step back and decipher what Coach Belichick might be planning over the next few years. One possibility is that, by loading up on big offensive players, he is anticipating a looming advantage against increasingly small, swift defenses (particularly in the linebacker corps).

By stocking up on big tight ends and strong receivers and bulky running backs, he may be playing two or three moves ahead of rivals like the Colts and Broncos. These types of big offensive players may be able to blow away the new breed of agile, small defenders we will be facing soon.

So, by not going "defensive" in the draft, the Pats may be losing some ground in 2006-2007, but setting up a new dynastic run in 2008-2010.

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