Wednesday, March 22, 2006

"Patriot's Way" Losing Its Way?

Obviously, it's hard to argue with an organizational scheme that has delivered 3 Super Bowls. But, as the free agent leaves continue to fall from the Foxborough tree, you have to wonder if this template may be fraying at the edges (to mix two bad metaphors).

The departure of New England icon Adam Vinatieri may be the event that forces fans to look a little more critically at the Pat's philosophy of not "over-paying" for talent. This is probably a case where they should have departed from the strictures of that philosophy. This is a guy who, at only 33, is still the best money kicker in football. Period. Let's not even hearken back to the 2001 Snow Bowl or the clutch kicks in Super Bowls. I'm talking about the future.

Whoever they get in here had better be a dead-certain lock on every kick right out of the gate. Otherwise, Coach Bill may go from an icon himself to pariah.


O said...

Adam V is one of the greatest Patriots in history. It is tough to lose a hero like that. However people need to back up a second and trust the system. What has Bill done except win us 3 Super Bowls. There a ton of teams out there that wish they had someone to make the hard decisions. If it wasn't for injuries last year we could be holding up another throphy. You cannot replace Adams clutchness but look at his numbers. Look at where the kickoffs were landing last year. He ranked 13th out of 15 AFC kickers last year. Are we blinded at his past and not his present condition. Loyalty works both ways. We offered him $400,000 less a year. A very very good offer with a proven winner and a great organization. A 3.5 million dollar signing bonus is crazy. Put some pressure on Adam too. Do you think the endorsement deals are going to be there in Indy? What is he leaving? It is a shallow view to blame this all on Bill B. The man has earned the right to make this move. Back off.

Murph47 said...

Let's not jump the gun here. True Adam brought us many memories, that's all they are. As an organazation the Patriots must move forward. Adam left for money and comfort. I'm sad to see him go to the Colts but at the same time i'm happy the Pats made their offer and didn't budge.

I don't think we should question BB's moves until they come back to hurt the team.

Pats Fan1 said...

Vinaterri is a Legend. No doubt. All those memories will remain with us and in our proud history books.

Yet, should we doubt Belichick's decision? hmmm... I won't?

First of all who in this country is going to pay $3M for a kicker? The Cowboys didn't give him that and not the packers either. THe colts give him a good offer. $3.5 M signing bonus is good. He is due to receieve $2.5 M for his first 3 years. Well pats would have paid him that. $2.5 M a year.

By the way people remember the good memories only. How about the FG Vinaterri missed against the Broncos in the playoffs? I thought it was less than 50 yards as well. Well, we lost by 2 TDS so the fg miss doesn't sound very big but I think if he had made it the momentum of the game would have changed a bit. I am not trying to say he missed One FG so he is supposed to be Criticised. No. I still think he is a hero in this region of the country. Yet, I am stating the fact that he missed his last fg attempt with the Pats uniform. ANd that fg might have had changed the momentum a little bit. I assume he missed a bunch of fgs this year.

And yes I do have support for BB's decision on this matter.

Brad said...

Typical homer comments by fans withteir head up Belichick's tunnel. If Adam decides to enter the HOF as a Colt, these same fans will be screaming betrayal. Well, Adam now has one more ring than these fans that think it was a good BB decision to allow their 3 time SuperBowl kicker to leave. Adam doesn't miss you, either.