Friday, February 24, 2006

Mr. Kraft: Time To Reinstate Our "PATS" Heritage

Those of you who are old enough to remember when the only football we could watch on Boston television was the New York Football Giants can relate to this request: Mr. Kraft, bring back Pat Patriot. He is the emblem of our break with New York football and the genesis of our big league legitimacy.

We are up to our "NFL Enterprises" eyeballs with that hideous "Flying Elvis" that passes for our logo. Get rid of it! We no longer need to be that "cool". We have won three of the last five Super Bowls. We personify what it is to be the elite of the NFL. We don't need that cheesy "thing" on our team's helmet.

I know Elvis has brought a lot of cash to the Patriots coffers. But, come on. Be honest. You can't really like being associated with a logo that could have been produced by a fourth-grader. And, don't you think old Pat Patriot would garner even more souvenir cash? Look around Gillette and you'll notice all the throw-back hats, shirts and jackets emblazoned with Pat. And not just on old guys like me. Please, Bob, return us to our roots. Bring back Pat!

If you want to sign a petition to bring back Pat Patriot go to this link:


Elvis said...

Kraft is ready to sue other NFL owners for trying to cut in on his profits in the current CBA mess! Do you think he is going to hurt his wallet further by switching logos? NO CHANCE!
P.S. - The Flying Elvii have 3 rings to Pat Patriots ZERO!

mrbandw said...

Sorry man, as a long time Pats fan I have to disagree with you there.

Although I love the Pat Patriot logo, I tend to associate that logo with the past (and everything that went along with it).

I'll stick with Flying Elvis.

However, I would not mind seeing the Pats go with a red colored jersey for their '3rd' jersey style, as opposed to the silver one they have now...