Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Pyrrhic Pigskin Loss

Bill Belichick is a smart guy. He went to Andover's Phillips Academy. He knows his Greco-Roman history. Pyhrrus, a Greek King who battled the Romans in the second century, B.C. became famous winning battles at a very high cost--hence the term, "Pyrrhic Victory". Well, the Pats 28-26 loss to the Dolphins could qualify as a Pyrrhic Loss--a setback that gains you more in the long run than a victory might have. Sure, a win might have secured a #3 seed and a potential second home playoff tilt--but that wasn't really likely. As it is, the "loss" to Miami accomplished two things: first, it rested and kept healthy the core of the team they will need in the next few weeks; second, it gave us a somewhat preferable opponent in Jacksonville (you know, a warm weather team coming North, an injured QB).

A nice "philosophical" win. I'm sure that the newly-thoughtful Ricky Williams would appreciate the irony. After all, in his post-game interview, he gave us this Yoda-like gem:"I don't have a desire to be starter or not a starter. It'd be nice to do anything and be anywhere."

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