Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Run P-A-T

They're not a classic Hip-Hop group--far from it. But they may very well be hip-hopping back to the Super Bowl. Last night's running and defensive clinic confirmed to the rest of the NFL that the World Champs are back. (At this point, all of us at FoxboroNation would like to thank the New York J-E-T-S for their accommodating pre-playoff scrimmage.)

In their second-straight dominating performance, the 10-5 Patriots got their fourth straight win, 31-21 over the somewhat pathetic co-tenants of Giants Stadium. Mike Vrabel (he of THE Ohio State University) caught two touchdown passes and also got a sack in one of the best games of his career. Tom Brady, ho-hum, reached the 4,000-yard milestone for the first time in his career, and should be a legitimate consideration for League MVP.

The only downsides to this game were potentially serious injuries to Tedy Bruschi (leg) and Asante Samuel (knee to the back of the neck). The last thing this juggernaught needs is a re-descent into InjuryHell. Miami awaits for Playoff Scrimmage Game #2 next Sunday. Then, it's either Jacksonville or Pittsburgh at home in REAL Playoff Game #1. This is, once again, F-U-N.

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