Sunday, January 08, 2006

Say Hey, Willie!

There was a time--not that many years ago--when the talk shows were questioning whether we'd ever get our money's worth out of one Willie McGinest from Southern Cal. Can we officially put that second-guessing to rest? "Say Hey" McGinest turned in the kind of performance that has been building through his solid play all year, in the 28-3 play-off win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. The 4.5 sacks (a playoff record) were only the icing on the cake. Willie is once again a force to be feared, a game-changing player, the guy we drafted.

The Patriots, who just a handful of Monday nights ago were plastered by the Colts, have officially found their mojo. And, the victory by the Steelers on Sunday now sets up the possibility (and I do stress it as only a possibility) of an AFC Championship game in Foxboro.

There were many other unlikely heroes in this convincing win. Like Ben Watson and his remarkable dash to glory. Like Andre' Davis' multiple heads-up plays. Like Assante Samuel, whose anticipatory pick atoned for earlier lapses. Like the indescribable Troy Brown, who not only caught a TD pass but made 4 tackles as a cornerback. And how about Kevin Faulk ripping off big 3rd down runs? And the whole linebacking corps kicking Jaguar posterior without Tedi Bruschi. On and on and on. But, you've come to expect this from the World Champs. Expect even more. Don't you get the feeling.....?

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mrbandw said...

Funny I too was just thinking recently about Willie and how he's come such a long way from a few years back when he seemed to be perpetually injured with those groin problems.

Lets hope he sees a lot of Jake the Snake this Sat!