Monday, December 05, 2005

J-E-T-S (Just an Exhibition Type Scrimmage)

Sleepwalking might be the best term to describe how your New England Patriots slogged through a snowy encounter with the pathetic Jets. Oh, they won all right, in a very unimpressive 16-3 manner. But, did't you all get a little antsy mid-way through the 3rd Quarter with your World Champions clinging to a 6-3 advatange over the Pop Warner outfit from the Meadowlands? I sure was.

Granted, Tom Brady continued his MVP jaunt through NFL seccondaries (if you can call Ty Law and some other guys an NFL squad). But, was this un-satisfying or what?! I have to say I was expecting the 40-10 whomping that all the flash boys on WEEI were pom-pomming to last week.

Topping off this "Yin/Yang" kind of game was Adan Vinatieri's performance—a missed 45 yarder and then 3 makes to pass Gino "I Still Like The Pat Patriot Logo And Nobody, Not Even Robert Kraft, Can Make Me Take It Off" Capaletti in total franchise points.

Bottom line? Better run game, better defense. But, honestly, as Larry David might say, "Eh!".

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