Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The "First" Shall Be First

Smashing a franchise record with 32 first downs, the two-time defending Champion Patriots throttled the hapless Buffalo Bills 35-7. Doing nothing to discourage his candidacy for league MVP, Tom Brady delivered another virtuoso performance--going 29 of 38 for 329 yards. All Brady did was run for one TD, pass for two more, and deliver a punishing (albeit illegal) crackback block on a running play. In total, the Pats racked up almost 500 yards of offense.

Does this scenario seem familiar? The New England team ramping up in December for a run at another title? You are correct, Carnak! The much-maligned New England defense held the pathetic Bills to 183 total years--and 14, that's right--14 rushing yards.

Things just seem to be coming together. Injured players back, offense gelling, defense aggressive. And, as ESPN's Bill Simmons has noted, there are scenarios under which the Pats host the AFC Championship in frigid Foxboro.

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