Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Defense Rests...AGAIN!

Sure, four Tom Brady interceptions didn't help. But you just got the feeling on Sunday that, once again, this defense can be scored upon at will by virtually any team in the NFL. The result of this dilemma was another Pats loss, this time to a tough, but not overly intimidating, Kansas City Chiefs squad, 26-16.

Just as the Pats looked like they might make another patented 4th Quarter comeback, Brady gave up two huge interceptions--killing any chance of redemption. All of the picks were of the cheap, tipped variety, but turnovers nonetheless (a commodity the Pats cannot seem to come by at all this year). By the way, as is pointed out by Cold Hard Football Facts, Brady has had ONE obligatory 4 pick game in each of his five seasons. No more allowed this year, Tom. OK?

Next week, the AFC East comes to the rescue once again as the Patriots take on the New York J-E-T-S. Thank you, Mr. Schedule Maker.

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mrbandw said...

First off, I'm not a spam-bot, I'm real ;-)

Found your site on feedster and I think it's great! Glad to see the ranks of Pats blawgers continue to grow!