Monday, November 21, 2005

The Big ('Shoulda Been) Easy

That the Patriots put up another "W" in this SeasonThatCannotBeNamed (pardon the gratuitous Harry Potter reference) is the truly important fact to emerge from Sunday's 24-17 win over the Saints in Foxboro. Far beyond this in importance is the sad passing of Coach Belichik's father on Saturday night--a fact that was withheld from players until after the win.

Back to the game itself, one can't dismiss yet another fact: the World Champs should have blown away this inept bunch of Katrina-jinxed Saints. After going up by 17 points in the fourth quarter, there was no excuse for letting this team back into the contest--and within one play of forcing OT! While it's true that the Pats won many such games in the seasons leading up to their first two titles, that wasn't the case last year, when, occasionally, they blew away opponents (they were near the top of the NFL in point differential last season). So, this is still a troubling element of the '05-'06 squad: they need to learn to bury weaker teams.

Kudos to our new two favorite Patriots: Heath "Dewey" Evans (who chalked up 74 more tough yards) and Ellis "The Rim Man" Hobbs (who continued to cover and hit well in the secondary).

Finally, a shout-out to our friends from the UK Pats website who proudly displayed their banner at the game yesterday (appearing several times on the JumboTron). Hope you guys all had a great time!


Patriotic Pilgrim said...

As an Auburn fan, whose family has many Auburn alumni, I love it that Heath Evans can come up here and make it big. Also, cheering on Cadillace Williams and Ronnie Brown, but they unfortunately aren't Pats.
Until our poor wounded guys start getting a team that can go out every week together, we won't be able to step up. could someone analyze what the trainers are or are not doing? Anything different from last year?

Graham W said...

The UK Patriots had a fantastic weekend, thanks to our New England hosts who helped organise the tickets, gave us rides between the airport, hotel and game, and laid on an excellent tailgate on Sunday morning. Can't wait to do it again.