Monday, November 14, 2005

Turning Up The "Heath"

They had it all the way. The patchwork Patriots ended yesterday's 23-16 win over the host Dolphins with 7 of 11 offensive starters out with some sort of injury. Never mind the defense, which has more holes in it than the Democratic Party's Talking Points on Iraq.

Once again, Tom Brady put together another 4th Quarter comeback (the 21st of his career), ending on a sweet strike to Ben Watson, for the under-used tight end's second TD of the day. Some of the other memorable events in this one were: Tedy Bruschi's diving break-up of a sure Fish score; former Dolphin Heath Evans (who?) rumbling for 84 yards out of the backfield, and Assante Samuel laying out Ricky "Am I Still On Vacation?" Williams with a vicious hit.

All in all, your defending champs still sit atop the woeful AFC East, looking ahead to 7 very winnable games (even with their depleted ranks).

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