Sunday, February 03, 2008

Stunned And Dismayed

Congratulations to the new Super Bowl Champion New York Giants. They outplayed the Patriots in nearly every aspect of the game and deserved the win.


Rhodeislandrock said...

Your title describes my feelings exactly.

I'm sitting here listening to the post game on 790 The Score and I'm still shocked. Maybe I liked the winning too much, maybe I got used to it, but it just feels bad.

The Giants were more aggressive, they made the plays and won the game. Now we turn to next season and see how this plays out. What happens next?

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joy said...

I had to search for a site that isn't infiltrated by "haters". I woke up at 345 am and just replayed the game over and over, "what if they went for the FG on 4th and 13", "what if Assante Samuel had held onto that pick in the last drive", etc. I am stunned also. I would have rather lost earlier in the season, b/c it wasn't about being perfect, but about winning the super bowl. Thanks for a forum to discuss without harrassment.

FN Chief said...

Steve and Joy-

Thanks for your kind words about FN.

In a couple of days, after I emerge from my "full media blackout" I will post my thoughts on what happened.

In the meantime, Bill Simmons column on pretty much sums up my feelings:

FN Chief said...

Steve and Joy-

Thanks for the kind words about FoxboroNation!

In a few more days (after I emerge from my "full media blackout"), I'll post my views on what happened.

In the meantime, Bill Simmons says it best:

Michael Leggett said...

It's been said that a Great Defence Defeats a Great Offence:

Mr Spagnulo, Giants Defensive Coordinator, may just be the New Young Belichik;

The Pounding by the Giants Defence was unprecedented in Pats '07 Season;

For I viewed the last Regular Season Game between the Two, calling it a SB XLII Preview, as others had disdain for my Opinion;

I also have disdain for all the Self-Proclaimed Prognosticators, & said "The Game Must Be Played";

I was NOT Surprised by the Outcome, as This was a Game between Parcells Proteges, & one, who once coached Boston College, won this Battle Of Wits.

joy said...

FN chief,
So I checked out the Bill Simmons column, and he said exactly what I was thinking. This game was so similar to the Pats-Rams game, except this time the roles were reversed. Being a life-long New England/and Boston sports fan, I am more comfortable as the underdog. And I usually like rooting for the underdog when one of my teams isn't in it. He nailed it though, the Giants took all of the energy of being told they couldn't do it, and then did do it. I am still in media blackout also, I will probably tune in right around the draft....but I do feel better. No matter what, Brady and the Pats are one of the greatest football teams ever, and history will remember them. I have no fear of that.