Saturday, February 02, 2008


I've had two weeks to mull over my initial SB XLII prediction (Pats 34, Giants 13) right after the AFC Championship Game. Nothing I have seen in the 25/8 coverage of this event has changed my mind one iota.

The 18-0 New England Patriots are superior to the New York Football Giants in every category but one—the running game. And, given Laurence Maroney's performance in the past few games, the Patriots are not that far behind.

So, what the heck does New York have in their arsenal that even remotely matches New England? A seasoned, mistake-free QB? No. A multiple weapon passing game? No. A shutdown Red Zone defense? No. An impenetrable secondary? No. A dominant defensive line? Maybe. One legitimate receiver, two good running backs, and a good pass rush does not trump the most complete, prepared and relentless team in NFL history.

Sorry, New Yorkers. You are coming out on the short-end of a Boston match-up yet again. Get used to it.

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