Thursday, November 01, 2007

"Run-Up" To Super Bowl Lite

Just a warning to the reader: I may plan on running-up the word total on this article above the normal 350 or so. You want to stop me? Log off!

The New England Patriots once again exposed the inferiority of the NFC by walloping the Washington (formerly Boston) Redskins 52-7. The unbeaten Pats (8-0) now prepare for Sunday's regular season Super Bowl against the mighty Colts in the Air Bubble in Indy. The Pats are actually favored in this game, which could determine the site of the AFC Championship game.

Tom Brady ran his touchdown pass total to an astounding 30, and, for good measure, ran for two more to make this a laugher almost from the opening gun. And, this is from the 5th best defense in the NFL!

Again, we need some real opponents here to get interested! OK, Peyton, think you can deliver an interesting challenge? We'll see.

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