Monday, October 22, 2007

Slaughter On I-95

Anyone who has ever been to a sporting event in the squalor that is "Dolphin Stadium" knows the joys of exiting I-95 into the spacious confines of the stadium parking lot. The place is barely in Dade County—just over the border with the slightly less violent Broward County. Well, enough Florida-bashing.

But wait, going to a Marlins game is the most ludicrous of all—since you can make casual conversation with the other fan in your section without disturbing the ballplayers.

In any event, the Patriots traveled to the "Land of Aqua And Orange" and absolutely eviscerated the lowly fish (were you really surprised?) in a 49-28 rout that was over before half-time.

Tom Brady pitched 6 TD passes (a career best), bringing his season total to 27. Two of these were absolute schoolyard "jump balls" to Randy Moss, who might as well be quardruple-covered for all that it matters.

Bob Ryan, we told you this was tedious. Not that the team is boring, but the competition makes the games boring. Don't you think? So, now they're 7-0. Bring on Indy. Please!

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