Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Celebration Nation?

Come on, admit it. All things being equal you would like to think that your New England Patriots are a notch above the average trash-taunting dolts who populate most other NFL teams. And you would be right to feel that way. So, when LT (somehow fitting for "losing team") rails against the celebrating pack of Pats after their divisional round win over the Chargers, you did cringe a bit.

But LT, please. Think about what you're saying. Ellis Hobbs and the gang were mocking a dance—not the lovely city of San Diego, not the Bolts, not even MartyBall—a dance for God sakes! An inane, vapid dance at that—carried out by a steroid-addled linebacker who somehow forgot to show up on game day. Far more troubling were certain slanderous comments about Boston made by certain local San Diego sports yakkers on the Friday before the game. LT, and San Diego, heal thyself!

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