Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bolts, Now Colts

Midway through this season, it did not seem very likely that your New England Patriots would be one win away from another Super Bowl appearance. But, then, why does anyone doubt the tenacity and resolve of this franchise—be they fans, media, or opponents?

You know that those pesky little demons will be rattling around inside Peyton's helmet come Sunday night. For all his prowess and talent, he is like a bedeviled character in a Hitchcock film—unavoidably hurtling toward disaster. Again, we don't normally do predictions here, but since we were so successful with our Charger game pick, we will go out on another limb.

Get ready for Miami, folks: Pats 28, Colts 24.

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~**Dawn**~ said...

::coveres eyes with hands::
i hope you're right. but i don't know if i can take another game last week's.