Sunday, December 10, 2006

Truly Offensive Line

If Tom Brady were a litigious kind of guy, he could sue his offensive line for non-support—and not a jury anywhere in New England would deny him triple damages. Sacked four times and hurried on almost every play that wasn't a run, Brady fumed at his O-Line all day to no avail.

The result was a humiliating 21-0 shutout at the hands of an inferior Dolphin squad. What a debacle—particularly since Indianapolis and the Jets lost and the Ravens (suddenly the team to beat in the AFC) advanced to 10-3.

This game was ugly from the opening kick-off. The Patriots could not protect the Quarterback, they could not keep from committing 9 dumb penalties, they could not protect the ball, heck, they couldn't even tackle! Far be it from us to suggest a strategy to Coach B, but how about a tackling drill this week? Pathetic!

Tom Brady said it best on WEEI's Dennis & Callahan on Monday morning: "We're at Week 13, and we're still looking for an identity". Amen. The more inconsistent performances we see like this, the more we feel that these guys are going nowhere in January.

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