Sunday, December 17, 2006

Injury Scrimmage

So, let's say the NFL took pity on the dregs of the league and, in the interests of parity, "handicapped" the really good teams when they played the likes of the Houston Texans (is that their name?). What you'd get is the 40-7 rout you witnessed on Sunday as the the injury-handicapped Pats rolled to win #10.

Not that the Pats were all that impressive, getting ridiculously good field position all day, and converting into pay dirt far too infrequently. This was just too easy a challenge, as New England glided to a 20-0 half-time lead and coasted the rest of the way.

Ellis Hobbs was the stand-out on special teams and defense—snaring one of four David Carr interceptions and sprinting 93 yards for a kick-off return TD. Kevin Faulk was the offensive star with an 11-yard TD run and a 43-yard screen catch and run TD.

Brady was efficient and focused (as was the entire squad after sleep-walking in Miami last week), but threw for only 109 yards before being replaced by Matt Cassel and Vinny Testaverde in the 4th Quarter. Ho-hum, win #10, still no official playoff berth, and two tough road games to go.

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