Thursday, October 20, 2005

Troubling Information From Brian Mullen

The Boston Globe's Ron Borges offers a very disturbing new piece of information in the Tedy Bruschi affair. In an article about former NHL player Brian Mullen Borges tells of an eerily similar set of clearances the former Ranger and Islander received from several medical doctors to play in the NHL again after suffering a mild stroke. Mullen had the same type of procedure as Bruschi to repair a hole in his heart (although Tedy's was done with a plug and Mullen's with open-heart surgery).

When Mullen returned to practice he suffered a seizure that left him unconscious and landed him back in the hospital. Doctors re-cleared him for play, saying the seizures are a rare complication in a small percentage of people who suffer strokes. He never played in the NHL again.

The bottom line for Tedy is: there are no 100% assurances, no matter how stellar the "Dream Team" of physicians on your case. It is troubling information, indeed.

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