Sunday, October 23, 2005

Bye The Bye (Thank Goodness For The World Series)

Surviving the bye week in the NFL is kind of like sitting through that incredibly boring "chick movie" you're forced to see. Mind-numbing, but you're trapped.

Where else do you go on "Bye Sunday"? Watch another team? No thanks, I get enough of Donovan McNabb on Campbell Soup commercials. Watch the NHL? Not until the Bruins start winning! NBA pre-season? Please, that's like TWO chick movies.

Well, to tide you over, Mike Reiss of the Globe has contributed a somewhat different bye-week treat: catching up on former Pats in their new roles. Joe Andruzzi you ask? Doing OK in the Mistake By The Lake. The above-pictured David Patten? Being robbed of looks by Santana Moss in DC. It's an interesting read. Sort of like sneaking out of the chick movie and slipping into the theatre next door showing "Fever Pitch".

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