Friday, February 03, 2012

PREDICTION: Patriots 31, Giants 28

Super Bowl 46 is likely to be a fast-paced, high-scoring game with two pretty evenly-matched teams. They certainly know each other well—with the last two meetings going to the bad guys. Something tells us that Tom Brady will not allow a three-peat. He is on a mission. Has he ever had two bad playoff games back-to-back? Never. Another key will be the ability of the Pats offensive line to hold off the Giants rush. They are up to it and they will protect Brady enough so that he doesn't feel rushed into bad throws. We see Wes Welker and The Law Firm being the two offensive standouts—lots of draws and quick outs in a no-huddle machine.

Having said all this, it's clear that Eli Manning and his team are in a zone—winning elimination games on the road and getting more confident as time goes on. They have a potent receiving core and healthy running backs (unlike in Week 9). It will be a classic brawl that will likely come down to the final drive.

I see the Pats breaching 30 points (a key to them winning) and edging New York, 31-28.

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