Monday, November 09, 2009

Stiffing The Opposition

If one play characterized the Patriot's win over the fish yesterday, it was Randy Moss's stiff-arm touchdown run just after Miami strutted its stuff via the over-hyped "Wildcat" offense.

With one forearm push, Moss sent a message to Joey Porter and the rest of the Dolphins that New England was not going to be denied victory—ultimately 27 to 17.

While Tom Brady is not yet the perfect quarterback machine we have come to expect, hurling for 300 plus yard and a touchdown is a close enough approximation.

Now things get a little dicey—with undefeated Indy, the Jets and the Saints upcoming. The current 6-2 record could look quite different unless we emerge from this gauntlet.

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1SKILLZ said...

I definitely agree with your statement about the Patriots record depending on emerging from the Colts, Jets, and Saints unscathed. I would add the Dolphins rematch in Week 13 to that list. I wrote about what the team looks like at the midpoint of the season on NFLTD: Definitely check that out, let me know what you think.