Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Cassel

After demolishing the "in the playoffs, but not ready for the playoffs" Arizona Cardinals (47-7), your New England Patriots (thanks to the utter ineptitude of Eric Mangini) are now back in the post-season hunt.

Once again, QB Matt Cassel was more than comfortable with his 3 TD passes and generally cool game management. This really wasn't a fair fight, though. And, as the congenitally anti-Belichick commentator Ron Borges points out, we just beat Oakland and Arizona. Let's not get too full of ourselves.

(Editor's note: Those of you who are "Pulp Fiction" fans can think--to yourselves please--about the appropriate scene here).

So, even if the Pats take down the Bills next week and even if Mangini tries to—and actually beats—the Dolphins, are we really going anywhere in the playoffs? That's the real un-answered question of 2008.

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