Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Historic Cassel

No, this is not a post about some low-budget excursion across the pond to ogle Hogwarts. It's about your new Patriot star—you know the historic Matt Cassel. That's right, the guy that became the first QB in franchise history to pass for back-to-back 400-yard games was (no, not Tom Brady; no, not Drew Beldsoe; no, not even Babe Parilli), but (wait for it) Matt Cassel!

After disposing of the Phrenetic Phish on Sunday, 48-28, Cassel began to look less like the perennial bench-warming back-up and more like the MVP of the league. Well, maybe not yet. However, if he can take out the vaunted Pittsburgh defense this week, we may be looking at discussions of a Super Bowl re-match with the Joisey Jiants.

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