Thursday, September 18, 2008

Post-Brady Depression?

The over-bearing sense of doom that descended on "The Nation" after "The Hit" on Brady's knee has been somewhat transformed into a "hey, what the heck" attitude among fans. This, as the AFC Champs have "cruised" to a 2-0 mark under Matt "My Home Field Is My" Cassell.

After handling the Pop Warner like Chiefs with relative ease, the Pats headed into Sodom on the Hudson with a considerable swagger. This is how it would have been anyway this year, after the Super Bowl embarrassment in the wake of a perfect 16-0 run. You could tell by the fact that everyone showed up at voluntary workouts over the Summer. It was going to be a "chip on the shoulder pads" kind of year—Brady or no Brady.

Time will tell whether this "us against the world" schtick is going to continue to work—it did after all help us get our first 3 SB rings. Attitude can take you only so far, talent carries the big load. From here, they still look like one of the most talented rosters in the NFL. That fact, plus the puff schedule should still result in 10-11 wins. You read it here first. Of course, we had pretty much altered the masthead last February with an additional silver chalice. Oh well.

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