Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spy Vs. Spy—Please Make It Over!

Will someone please step forward from somewhere and put an end to this idiotic charade that has come to be known as "SpyGate"?

Honestly, I thought Commissioner Goodell's talk would have nailed the coffin shut on this silliness, but he (or actually his lawyers) kept the Pandora's Box open with cryptic comments about Matt Walsh "being there" (make your own Peter Sellers references at your own risk) during the Rams walk-through prior to Super Bowl Win I. Moreover, Walsh supposedly communicated what he saw to the Pats coaching staff. What????

"No tape, but his mouth agape", as the late Johnnie Cochran might say.

Then, Walsh traipses down to D.C. to meet up with Arlen "Pristine Magic Bullet" Specter to further muddy the water on "BeingThereGate". Add to all of this the atrocious reporting gaffe by the Herald's John Tomase, who perpetuated the myth that a tape existed. Shame on him. We await his explanation on Friday.

This is all coming down to a stand-off between those in the media who adore Belichick and those who have a hatred of the coach that borders on the liberal political media's "Bush Derangement Syndrome". Once again, the "mainstream media" thinks it is the real story. How sad.

From where this non-mainstream commentator sits the Patriots were guilty of taping opposition coach's signals for years—in violation of the NFL's explicit policy. They were wrong for that. Belichick's explanation that he "misinterpreted" the rule (he claims he thought the ban was only for use on that week's game) is plausible but not wholly convincing. It depends which side of the "Bill Derangement Syndrome" fence you're sitting on.

The Pats and the coach were fined heavily for their misdeeds. They don't do it anymore. And, it appears that they never taped the Super Bowl walk-through. Speculation about whether any intelligence was passed on orally assumes Walsh has any intelligence—which this whole incident calls into serious question. So, basically, it's a non-story now. Can we please get on with our lives?

Please, someone, END IT!


joy said...

Just a couple of comments...first, notice that no other team is (some players) but no TEAM is "outraged" by the taping of the signals. Why is that? Because they all were doing it, in some form.
Second, haters will be haters. I was at a funeral of a Philadelphia Eagle fan (otherwise a great guy!) Friday, and the eulogy included a reference to the Pat's cheating in Super Bowl 39.
When someone excels, someone else always finds fault. I appreciate your blog, thanks!

True Patriot said...

Jesus Fucking Christ this is sad. Get the whole fucking crew up to Congress, puty them under oath and get the truth out. If they lie, throw them in jail. They destroyed the integrity of the game. The NCAA would make the violating team forfeit all games. Period - no exceptions. You got lucky that Godell didn't want to harm the league's reputation. MLB is destroyed, and the NBA wasn't enjoying this year either. The last thing the NFL wanted was to examine that Pats in detail. But why did Godell ever, ever destroy the tapes? And the rationale being that he was destroying them because then if other tapes surfaced then all would know that the Pats lied? Jesus Christ - who was born yesterday? Not me.