Monday, March 24, 2008

Please Re-Wind And Put In The Right DVD

OK, it's been a little over a month now. It should be fading—this feeling of utter doom whenever Manning The Lesser makes another speech or gets another endorsement or just opens his trap.

I can't honestly say I hate the guy, or the Giants for that matter. I'm old enough to remember rooting for Jim Katcavich and Andy Robustelli and Frank Gifford—before the Pats were a glimmer in Billy Sullivan's eye. But it still irks the hell out of me to think that the "perfect season" was lost so unimaginably on the world stage. It didn't really happen, right?

So, cut me a break, why don't you? Wake me up from this nightmare. Re-wind the tape, sack the little twerp on 3rd down like you should have, and hoist that 4th trophy aloft.


1 comment:

jslammey said...

Now you know how OSU fans felt two years ago. Heck, maybe you already knew so I'm sorry it had to happen to you.