Friday, February 01, 2008

"Magic Bullet Man" Hogs SB Limelight

Ah, yes. Arlen Specter. The man who brought us the "magic bullet" theory of the Kennedy Assassination. You remember, the bullet that somehow passed through President Kennedy then made various right angle turns in mid-air, then struck Governor Connally (only to fall into the limo as pristine as when it left the bullet factory)? You know, something Oilver Stone might make a paranoid movie about. Oh, wait a minute, he did that already.

Anyway, this "Senator" from Pennsylvania (a lifelong Eagles fan, by the way) has decided to interject that old reliable anti-Patriot saw, "SpyGate", back into the mix. And oddly enough, right on the eve of Super Bowl XLII week-end. What a coincidence that this pressing public policy initiative would coincide with the Patriots attempt to be the first perfect 19-0 team!

The good Senator, the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, wants NFL Commissioner Goodell to tell Congress why the league "destroyed" the Patriots "SpyGate" videotapes. He may even call some Patriot officials to testify. For what? This is an internal league "rule", not some Watergate-style cover-up. The Pats were caught and severely punished. They have then gone on to punish the rest of the NFL and all the haters and "neutral" pundits who still won't admit the truth. Namely, that this is the best team EVER. Period.

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Ernie said...

Its nice to know our senators are spending so much time dealing with important national issues like steroids in baseball and video tapes in football. What a friggin joke this is.