Sunday, January 13, 2008

"Complete" Ticket To AFC Title Tilt

Now, Tom Brady is breaking records we didn't even know existed. He shattered the playoff completion mark of Phil Sims to set a better one (92.9) in the Pats' weirdly convincing 31-20 win over the resilient Jags of Jacksonville. If WBOS-FM knows what's good for them, they will sign Tom Terrific to do promos for the "92.9 Over Easy Cafe".

It was, in the end, pretty easy—although David Garrad almost single-handedly was a thorn in the New England side. He squirmed out of sacks, flung side-armed completions, and generally made the game closer than it should have been.

However, as with the relative quality of Sunday Brunches, turnovers were the key. An early fumble led to a Pats' score, and Rodney Harrison turned in his quota of late-game playoff interceptions in Foxboro in the 4th Quarter to seal the deal.

Add to this, a spectacular performance by Laurence Maroney (122 yards and a TD), who became one of the best receivers on the field as well, as the Jags defense keyed on Randy Moss all night. Ben Watson also shone, with Donte Stallworth making the most dramatic reception of the night—failing to hit paydirt by watching his fleeting image on the Gillette Jumbo-Tron.

What can you say about Brady? He saw the Jags plan, took the 26-for-28 "dink and dunk" route, and set a new record. Amazing. His Lady Liberty fake on a TD pass to Welker will be on NFL highlight reels for eternity.

Now, it's one game (Indy or San Diego) to advance to where they have wanted to be since July-the Super Bowl.

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