Tuesday, December 25, 2007

One Left For Perfection

It wasn't a satisfying win at all on Sunday—a tedious, sluggish 28-7 victory over the completely clueless Miami Dolphins. After a white-hot first quarter or so, including two more TDs from Brady to Moss, both squads sleepwalked through the remainder of the contest.

So, we are 15-0. We are on the verge of smashing 35 years of NFL history. No team has ever gotten this far in the regular season. We are poised to eviscerate the Exit 16W Giants. This Manning won't be in the game at any point. No let up on the pedal. This is the final regular-season exclamation point on SpyGate. Take your dumb rule and do you know what with it. Metro New York--close your eyes. This is not going to be pretty.

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