Monday, December 10, 2007

The Best Defense?

This is the best the NFL can muster? The Steelers' "#1 defense"? Well, so much for parity.

The New England Patriots remained undefeated (13-0), turning in a dominant second half to drub Pittsburgh 34-13--holding "Ben and the Big Mouths" to exactly "0" points over the last 30 minutes.

The "guarantee" by some low-life safety on the Steelers (I wouldn't give him the benefit of a mention), seemed pathetically irrelevant at game's end as Brady threw for 399 yards and 4 touchdowns—leaving him just 5 shy of breaking the all-tile mark of 49.

Randy Moss was again superb, snaring two more TD passes (numbers 18 and 19), putting him on pace to break Jerry Rice's all-time mark of 22.

The Patriots refused to yield to the Steeler blitz and continued throwing the ball (only 9 runs all day), and, when Moss was covered, let Wes Welker (1 TD) and Jabbar Gaffney (1 TD) do the honors. Benjamin Watson was also big on key plays.

All in all, the offense was in gear all day, while the defense found it's way in the second half. Bottom line: the NFL better find something better than the "#1 Defense" to beat this historic Patriots team.

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