Monday, November 26, 2007

Wake-Up Win

Finally. A challenge. Maybe a little too much of a challenge!

Coach Andy Reid and the Eagles devised a brilliant game plan last night that all but de-railed the Patriots' "Greatest Team In The History of The Universe Express." By exploiting the Pats tendency to cover out-bound pass patterns, Philadelphia used inelegantly termed "in-cuts" to pick apart the New England secondary with laser-like accuracy across the middle of the field.

On the other side of the ball, they went with a 3-man front and still managed to get pressure on Brady and coverage on Moss to effectively neutralize that tandem. The beauty of the Pat's multiple option pass attack is that Wes Welker could then catch 13 balls and be the difference in the game. Two Assante Samuel interceptions (one for a TD) didn't hurt either.

Basically, the offense was OK, just kept off the field a lot and denied its hottest weapon. It is a testament to how good this team is that they weathered this adversity and still came out on top, 31-28 and went to 11-0.

Nevertheless, every upcoming opposition coach will now mimic the Eagles approach (if they can) and try to make the Gillette Juggernaut a little shaky.

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