Monday, November 05, 2007

Non-Boring Win #1

Your New England Patriots are undefeated all right—now a stellar 1-0 in non-boring wins. Finally, a team has challenged the Foxboro Express, pushing them to recapture the old Fourth Quarter Comeback mojo. The Pats stared a 20-10 deficit straight in the eyes with less than 10 minutes to play and reeled off a patented 2 TD blitz (the final one in only 3 plays) to snare a 24-20 win over previously un-beaten Indy.

Peyton Manning sealed the victory as he coughed up the ball via a Jarvis Green/Rossevelt Colvin strip/recovery late. The win was iced with a clutch third-down pass to Wes Welker (the Pat's un-sung MVP of the season so far), which led to a rare three-knee ending to it all.

The only downsides were the inability of the offensive line to protect Brady well enough from the quick Colts pass rush and the poor tackling that led to a end-of-half 70-yard plus romp by Joesph Addai.

Randy Moss was again huge, along with other newcomers Stallworth and Welker, as the Pats moved to 9-0 on the Magical Dolphin De-Throwning Tour. Oh yeah, and Brady had 3 more TD passes (33) to add to his legendary year. Next up, the bye week and the surprisingly mediocre (meaning better than we all thought) Bills.

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