Monday, October 08, 2007

You Call That A "Victory"?

It is symptomatic of the essentially spoiled nature of Pats fans that we are upset with the 34-17 win over the hapless Browns at Foxboro. Why? Well, for one thing, there were too many darn punts! And, as a direct relation to that, way too many "three and outs". There were also way too many times when I said to myself, "Hey, these bozos are within only three scores!". That's spoiled. Rotten.

Anyway, the Pats moved on to a 5-0 record with the win.

Brady passed for three more touchdowns (two to Benjamin Watson) and Junior Seau intercepted two passes as the Pats, basically, rolled over the Team From The Mistake By The Lake. I know the great Bob Ryan has castigated those of us who dare to state that this team is almost (and I stress almost) boring to watch—but, come on, aren't they?

Maybe this unsatisfying win against a poor Browns team will force Coach B to get them a little more prepared for the decidedly not boring match-up next Sunday against the 'Boys. But, I still think we'll win—and easily.

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Justin said...

The Pats appear to be returning to SB championship form. Its awesome to see them clicking on all cylinders, it reminds me of the Rams back in the day with the exception of the D, lol. The pats can really defend. Yes last weeks win was not your typical win but I think it was a fluke, I think they murder Dallas this week, I mean the cowboys pass D is just awful, Brady should have a field day out there. The book I Bet with NFL Lines is offering 8/1 odds in them running the board so I am taking a little shot at them doing it, I don think they will have a problem with Dallas this week but the Colts are way better I think that is the real game of the season, I can hardly wait till NOV4