Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Your New England Patriots—guardians of all that is right and good—have been charged with cheating by the NFL (actually for the 4th time in the past 12 months). What's the horrendous offense? Steroid use? NOOOOOO. Helmet-to-helmet maiming drills? NOOOOOOOO. Guess again. Don't know? Well, it seems they've been "illegally" filming the signals of defensive coordinators on the sidelines. OK. And this is outrageous HOW?

Last time I checked, the rest of the known Universe can look across the field and see the signals being given by one team's coaches or another. So, why is filming this illegal? Still, the thought that Coach B (graduate of prestigious Phillips Academy in Andover) could ever be considered a cheat, is ....how can we put it?....unthinkable.

Hey Commish, try concentrating on the thugs, criminals and reprobates who still slither through NFL camps on a daily basis. Just a thought.

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