Sunday, November 19, 2006

Cheese, That Was Easy!

Gorgonzola on rye. Just what the gridiron nutritionist ordered. The New England Patriots are clearly not lactose intolerant. Alright, enough with the wisecracks.

Just when the good people of New England were beginning to doubt the invincibility of their beloved team, the Pats laid a major whooping on the franchise that used to define NFL excellence. Word from Lambeau: the torch has been passed, Cheeseheads!

In a display that looked positively scrimmage-like, the Packers were the proverbial gang that couldn't do anything straight. Couldn't pass, couldn't run, couldn't stop the pass, couldn't stop the run. But, hey, can they ever punt!

The 35-0 shellacking was highlighted by four TD passes by Tom "Body Language This" Brady, and well, pretty much good performances from everybody else. What else is there to say? The NFC might as well be Pop Warner Lite for all the challenge they give elite AFC teams. Let's see what the vaunted Bears can bring on our new RastroTurf next week.

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