Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Clock-Gate: Hey, What's 52 Seconds Between Friends?

The amazing discovery that 52 additional seconds were added to the fourth quarter of the Pats-Steeler tilt raises the obvious question: Did it affect the outcome of the game? To nobody's surprise, Tom Brady master-minded one of his patented drives to put Adam "Little Papi" Vinatieri in position to make the game-winning score. A minute and twenty-one seconds is all our Super Bowl MVP needs, right? Well, what if it was only 29 seconds?

Your humble scribe believes Brady would have won it anyway: just Brady being Brady. His past performances have instilled so much confidence in the fan base, that it seems almost silly for us to doubt that he would have pulled it off. That's probably irrational on our part. But, until he demonstrates otherwise, I say, assume he wins big games no matter what the time constraints.

Having said that, it does seem outrageous that the NFL can allow such a blunder. What if the cleat were on the other foot? We would be screaming bloody murder! The Commissioner has got to implement bullet-proof integrity in clock management or the credibility of late-game heroics will always be in doubt.


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